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Helping brands you know and love elevate their social media presence✨

Hi, I'm Andreana, Manager of Content Strategy at Zimmerman Advertising. I'm an innovator and creator with an analytical mindset. With 5 years of experience in the fast and dynamic world of social media, I've honed a keen sense of understanding what audiences love and how brands can achieve their goals through innovation, agility, creativity, and data.

I firmly believe that social media is more than just a platform—it's a space where brands can showcase their personality, connect with their community, and highlight what makes them unique. I believe It's crucial to remain nimble in your approach because social media isn't solely about numbers—it's about people.

In my role, you'll often find me throwing spaghetti at the wall during creative brainstorms, analyzing social media trends and reports, or consulting name-brand CEOs, CMOs, and CIOs about how they can elevate their social media presence. As a leader, I thrive on collaboration, guiding team members through the intricate landscape of social media within the vast omnichannel of marketing.


Certifications / Degrees

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